General Information

Unlike many other countries in the world, Papua New Guinea is a nation that remains largely unexplored and shrouded in mystery. Its natural beauty and cultural vibrancy come to life.

The cultural richness and the unexplored extraordinary wilderness of Papua New Guinea are a traveller's delight. Nowhere in the world can one explore such diversity in culture and people than within this fascinating island nation. Its unique array of colourful tribesmen is echoed in the regions diverse landscape.
Papua New Guinea (PNG) lies on the eastern half of the second largest island in the world, and shares a border with Indonesia. Fringed with spectacular coral reefs, it's surrounded by thousands of atolls and smaller islands.

Lying just out of the equator, the climate in PNG is tropical with the wet season occurring December to March while the dry season May to October. The seasons are not as pronounced as in parts of Asia so the humidity can be high at times in the lowlands and coastal regions and the temperatures rarely get too hot while it's cold in the highlands. The weather pattern is unpredictable these days due to the climate change effect which the world is facing today.

Papua New Guinea has a small population of approximately eight (8) million people, with more than 800 different tribes speaking 800 different dialects. English, Pidgin and Hiri Motu are the official languages spoken throughout the nation. Due to the remoteness and rough terrains, many Papua New Guineans reside in their small villages and survive by way of subsistence farming.

Some important hints that one needs to consider before planning a visit to Papua New Guinea.

Serious medical conditions needing specialised care may be treated before travelling to Papua New Guinea. Malaria is prevalent in Papua New Guinea and visitors are encouraged to take extra precautions.

Papua New Guinea's legal currency is Kina (K). Bank of South Pacific (BSP) and Australia & New Zealand Banking Group (PNG) Ltd (ANZ) have branches located at the Jacksons International arrival terminal in Port Moresby. There are Automated Teller Machines (ATM) located at all major centres. Major shops and hotels do accept payments in US$ or AUD$ cash and or major credit cards. For shopping of artefacts and souvenirs from the locals, Kina cash is necessary and we encourage visitors to carry nominal amount of cash for shopping and must be in smaller denominations as change for large notes can be difficult.

Unlike many other countries, PNG do not have major security issues. However, visitors are encouraged to take extra precautions at all times, especially at night. Security and safety of our clients are paramount.

Time Zone
Papua New Guinea has a single time zone, 10 hours ahead of UTC/GMT.

PNG has a 240V AC 50HZ, using Australian style plug.

Communication system in PNG has dramatically improved in the last few years. Internet services are available at all major hotels in each centre, Wi-Fi is also available at all major hotels. International mobile phone roaming is possible in PNG but it is costly. Alternatively visitors are encouraged to buy cheaper SIM card here together with prepaid credit.

Travellers Insurance
It is recommended that travellers are encouraged to take cover for personal travellers insurance. This is to cover for personal injuries and loss or theft of personal items.